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Downtime site, forum, ircd (zeus.abvnet.org)

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За съжаление дори и при най-добрите има проблеми, които костват на много хора, много пари и нерви!

Днес за съжаление от години насам се случи немислимито а именно downtime на най-добрия хостинг! http://abvnet.org, http://forum.abvnet.org  и сървър zeus.abvnet.org бяха долу. В момента всичко е по старо му. Винаги се грижим за да ви предоставим най-добрите услуги!

Причината  може да я видите по-долу.


Two pieces of information.

This morning we had 2 separate incidents that have nothing to do with each other. The first incident impacted our Strasbourg site (SBG) and the 2nd Roubaix (RBX). In SBG we have 3 datacentres in operation and 1 under construction. In RBX, we have 7 datacentres in operation.

In SBG we had an electrical problem. Power has been restored and services are being restarted. Some customers are UP and others not yet. If your service is not UP yet, the recovery time is between 5 minutes and 3-4 hours. Our monitoring system allows us to know which customers are still impacted and we are working to fix it.

We had a problem on the optical network that allows RBX to be connected with the interconnection points we have in Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Brussels. The origin of the problem is a software bug on the optical equipment, which caused the configuration to be lost of and the connection to be cut from our site in RBX. We handed over the backup of the software configuration as soon as we diagnosed the source of the problem and the DC can be reached again. The incident on RBX is fixed. With the manufacturer, we are looking for the origin of the software bug and also looking to avoid this kind of critical incident.

We are in the process of retrieving the details to provide you with information on the SBG recovery time for all services / customers. Also, we will give all the technical details on the origin of these 2 incidents.

We are sincerely sorry. We have just experienced 2 simultaneous and independent events that impacted all RBX customers between 8:15 am and 10:37 am and all SBG customers between 7:15 am and 11:15 am. We are still working on customers who are not UP yet in SBG.


С уважение,

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